Announcement: TouchBase – a location network for your family

Today is the day! We’ve been waiting for a while, and been hinting for even longer. But now we want to introduce you to what we’ve been building for the past 8 months. We set out to accomplish three things: help keep children safe, give parents peace of mind, and build a system that children actually like because it allows them to gain independence over time because they are actively building trust with their parents. The result is:

TouchBase is a location service for families that allows parents to get answers to their most commonly asked questions: Where are my children right now and are they safe? without jeopardizing a child’s sense of independence.

TouchBase is unique because with TouchBase, it’s all about building trust through better family communication that is powered by active participation on all sides. TouchBase rewards children for their involvement using a game called Brownie Points which makes TouchBase a fast, secure, reliable, and fun tool for the whole family.

TouchBase works both on mobile devices and on computers with geolocation support, so you can always have your family’s location when you need it.

The site has some more details on how the product works. We’ve been incorporating the beliefs that have been voiced in our blog, but we want your help.

We’ve got a community for communicating about family issues here:

And we’ll continue to post our thoughts to this blog and twitter @touchbaseHQ.

Stay tuned for some cool things we are doing with Facebook!

Please, whatever you do, tell us your thoughts on any channel you want. Thanks, enjoy!