One parents thoughts

This was a comment on the Today Show piece I literally just wrote about. Just trying to give perspective:

Our child, our right. Our son is 12 and is allowed to have a cell phone and a Facebook Account….however, we monitor who is texting him and when and when he is. If we notice messages being sent during school hours, we take the phone away for week. We also monitor his facebook account. We are given all passwords for computer accounts. If we notice a friend on facebook using profanity, he is to defriend them. We receive, to our cell phones, all facebook wall postings and all private notes sent. These “electronics” are privilages, that need to be earned and rules followed PERIOD. We pay for them, we set the rules for them, just like the car when he is old enough to drive. We ran into issues where old students have sent threating messages and by monitoring FB, we are able to know what is going on at all times and address certain issues with other parents. We feel if, more parents need to monitor what their children are posting on FB…I think a lot of them would be SHOCKED! By the way, he is a very happy straight A student and an accomplish athlete with many friends so our monitoring has not hindered his childhoood.”


What do you think? I definitely agree with the part about earning the right to access the features of a particular awesome service…now if we only had a system where we could roughly quantify trust and open more features to children as they mature…hmmm.